Faigie & David R.

We were getting bids to do a full kitchen, sunroom and dining room renovation. Just before finalizing our decision, a friend who had an amazing experience building a house in Watch Hill said “we must work with Gardner Woodwrights”. We assumed given the multi-million dollar homes they build that our renovation would be of little interest to them and if it was of interest they would have been far outside of our budget.

Upon meeting Randy we instantly fell in love with the prospects of leaving our project in their hands while we went south for the winter. To our pleasant surprise they came back with a bid that we believe to be reasonable. The project, their process and complete professionalism was outstanding. They kept us completely in the loop with pictures, conversation and enthusiasm. We were thrilled with the results. We can’t wait to do another project with them.

Faigie & David
Charlestown, Rhode Island